meet holly


I'M holly! jesus lover, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND FRIEND

welcome, friend

Ever since I was little I have loved playing with cameras, starting with my dad's Polaroid! I didn't realize my passion for photography until I realized I hated traditional college learning and quit the university I was attending. After that, I was head over heels in love - in love with Jesus, with life, and with this little thing called photography.

I Love:
      ~ The Lord
      ~ DOGS (let's be real, ALLLLL animals!)
      ~ Going pretty places + taking pretty pictures
      ~ Serving people intentionally - my heart forever resides in mission
         work. In the US or abroad
      ~ Traveling! 
      ~ Handwritten cards
      ~ Window Plants
      - Spanish! I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish!

I'm an enneagram 2 (yay! Eleanor Roosevelt was one too!) I'm in love with serving others well, making y'all feel good in person & in your pictures.

I've lived in Central Pennsylvania my whole life and wow, I love it! 

A few of my favorites

my family       My fiance!    My dogs      Hiking + Adventuring      Horses     My friends     Lazy Sundays      Reading a good book

a few of my favorites