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The Importance of the off season

The “off” season is one of the most important seasons a photography business can have! By “off” season, I mean typically the months of November through April when photography sessions are slow because of the weather. Everyone loves a good spring or summer session where the weather is warm and the outfits are optimal for cuteness and twirly-ness. HOWEVER. Winter is one of my favorite seasons!

Not only because of the snow that usually flies around this time but also because this is a great season to keep up with the work on the backend of my business! If you’re a fellow photographer, use this time to update your website, organize client files, re-edit old sessions, prep your taxes and plan for the coming year. Record miles traveled, expenses spent and income, as well as checking all your detailed records to make sure everything is in it’s place!

It’s also a great season to sit down, invest in some education or workshops to help the creative juices flowing as well as checking off your checklist items that built up over the last new. Is it time to rebrand? Is it time to invest in a new CRM? Do you need to order more flash drives, or new photo album proofs? Do you need to clean up your galleries? Now is the perfect time!

Use this slow season of photography to boost your spring forward!



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