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What to wear for your session

Picking a cute outfit to wear for just about anything is stressful! But it’s probably most stressful when you’re planning your engagement session or portrait session outfit. That’s what this post is to come in handy for! So bookmark this post, save it, or share it so you’ll always have it!

What to wear

LADIES.  Wear something twirly! When picking out an outfit, opt for a fun dress or skirt with some spin. There’s nothing more refreshing than being able to twirl! I suggest picking lighter neutral colors, such as blush, whites, tans, or pastel colors like blue, pink, or pale yellow. These colors are universally flattering on all skin types. Shy away from bright colors and small patterns. Bright vibrant colors can sometimes cast unwanted color casts on skin, creating an unflattering tone. (Ever wear a bright yellow shirt and realize it makes you look yellow? Gross, we don’t want that!) Small stripes or patterns disappear in a photo and can end up with a blurry like texture in images. If you have something with patterns, the bigger the better!

When focusing on jewelry, pick small pieces and one big statement piece. If you’re wearing a simple white twirly dress, opt for a chunky necklace or a thick bracelet, or even a thin belt. Don’t go too big. You don’t want lots of jewelry or super heavy earrings with a patterned dress or outfit. That can actually be a lot more distracting than you might think!

For shoes, opt for heels! Heels naturally make your calf muscles look more toned as they force your feet into an upward position. Go for a close toed heel if you’re on the shorter side, because it elongates your legs. Yay, right?! If you’re on the taller side, go for nice sandals or opened toed heels.

GENTS. Dress your best! And don’t forget the haircut the week of! If your lady is going a little dressier, try to match. Slacks, khakis, or a tux is awesome as long as you match. Go for a nice button up, and if it’s warm, khaki shorts and a short sleeved polo are perfectly acceptable.


Mostly, your session is about you! So you want to wear what is most comfortable but flattering for your body type.

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