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This is a pretty weird post to write, because who’d have ever thought we’d be stuck in quarantine for weeks on end? I know I definitely didn’t! That’s why this post is geared towards the creatives out there who are suddenly finding themselves without anything to do.

5 things to do during quarantine

  1. Update your website! This is kind of a common suggestion actually, but it’s true! Update your website, freshen up your fonts, choose new colors or even rebrand completely!
  2. Write blog posts. That’s what I’ve been doing! Write and schedule blog posts weeks, or months out in advance! That way, when the time comes for posting, you have fresh content for weeks or your readers.
  3. Clean your gear and send it off. (If they are open and doing it.) This is one that I haven’t actually done yet but definitely want to! Box up your gear and send it off to Canon or Nikon to get it looked at and cleaned. There is nothing worse than having your gear quit on you mid session, so cleaning it at least once a year is a good goal to have. The better care you take of your gear, the longer it’ll last.
  4. Update headshots. Have a room in your house that get’s great light? Perfect! Set up your tripod, or even ask your mom or your sibling to take some photos for you. Be silly with them, be creative. But get those headshots taken care of!
  5. Do a daily photography challenge. Sitting inside can get SUUUUPER boring. So look up on Pinterest things you can do that will take the boring edge off! Try photographing something green one day. A unique lighting situation the next, or a self portrait the third day. Try something that will get your creativity flowing during this stale time.

I really hope at least one of these things is exciting or interesting to you! It’s okay to take some days off and rest, but remember to also use this time wisely. We might not be scheduling sessions or photographing weddings on the weekends, but that just leaves us with much needed time for other things.


Stay safe!

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