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How to find your photographic style!

Hey there! If you’re searching for a way to find your photographic style this is the blog post for you! When looking at other photographers, you see all these amazing photos, and beautiful edits. But you just can’t figure out how they do it. Well, I’m here to tell you how, AND how to find your own style!

Finding your style

When finding your style I suggest you go through these three steps:

  1. What are you attracted to? When flipping through photographer’s photos on instagram or facebook, what type of images are you attracted to? Do you like the light and bright images, or do you like the darker and more contrasty? This will really help you to figure out what you want your photos to look like. If you want, start a Pinterest board and look up the type of photography you want to photograph. Whether it’s couples, seniors, or weddings, plug that into Pinterest and see what you like. If you start saving images that are bright and vibrant, then you know that that is a good place to start! If you are saving photos that are dreamy and filmy with pink skin tones, then a film based emulation preset is a good place to start.
  2. What do you want your images to look/feel like? Based on the point above, while you’re cruising Pinterest, what types of images are you saving? Images that feel natural and candid? The belly laughs, the tender hugs, the cheek kisses. Or are you saving the traditional poses? What style are these photos edited in? The best way to find your favorite style is to look at what you’re already looking at! What you want your images to feel like with greatly affect the type of style you want to edit your photos in. If you feel like a warm gold edit embraces the cozy feelings your going for, then look for warm and golden editing presets!
  3. What are your favorite images? Meaning, go back through all of the photos you’ve ever shot. Assemble a folder on your desktop, and go through all of your past photos. Click and drag your favorites into a folder, and identify the parts of the images that you like the best. Did you pick images with clean neutrals, greens and bright colors? Or did you pick images that were slightly darker, darker settings, and cozy contrasts? This is a good place to start if you’re looking for what kind of a style you usually gravitate towards.

And there! If you have any other ideas of how to find your own style, comment below! I hope this helped you to figure out what kind of a style you’re looking for in photos. If you’re looking for GOOD presets, start with these!


Dark & Moody

Dirty Boots & Messy Hair

Dawn Charles


Cascade Presets by Benj Haish


Light & Airy/Film emulation presets

Caroline Logan

Noble Presets

Kindred Presets

Mastin Labs

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