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How to be an awesome Second Shooter

Welcome to October – a photographer’s busy season! During this season, wedding photographers are photographing weddings every weekend. And most photographers need a second photographer to shoot alongside them. If you’ve never been a second shooter, but are looking at getting into it, read on! I highly encourage you to do each of these steps, and you’ll find yourself second shooting alongside some of your favorite photogs!

How to be an awesome second shooter

  1. Reach out to photographers and offer assistance first! Don’t just jump in hoping to get paid. Offer to be a third wheel for the day carrying bags, getting water, holding reflectors. This goes a long way for busy photographers who don’t have the extra hands!
  2. Offer your assistance for everything! If you see the lead photographer struggling, offer to hold their backpack, move the veil, fluff the dress, etc.
  3. Photograph the angles the main photographer isn’t getting. Your job as a second shooter is to focus on serving the couple, and your lead shooter. NOT your instagram! It can be hard to remember that; especially for your first gig! You want to capture all the pretty moments too, but your job is to capture what the main photographer isn’t.
  4. Don’t hang over the lead photographer’s shoulder. This goes along with number 3. Don’t be tripping over the main photographer, or getting in their way. They were paid for this wedding, not you! You can focus on getting creative shots for yourself later. But during the wedding day focus on getting the creative shots the main photographer might not be thinking of.
  5. Most of all, be willing to help! If the main photographer asks you to hold the flash for the sparkler exit, walk behind the couple and do it! Your job as a photographer is to SERVE.

Hopefully some of these tips came in handy in helping you to be an amazing second shooter! Now, go on out there and serve!

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