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This is one of the most heavily asked questions in the wedding industry for photographers. When I started, I relied on what I saw on social media. I paid super close attention to what other photographers were wearing, and tried to base my attire off of theirs. The outfit that I wore for my very first wedding was a black dress with bright pink flowers all over it!

This post is designed to help you out when you’re struggling for what to wear. I’m linking some of my favorite outfits below.

  1. Senita Athletics Jumpsuit – > $40

I LOVE this jumpsuit for so many reasons! First off, Senita is an athletic wear company, so their clothing is designed to be soft, lightweight and moisture wicking. A SUPER important thing for hot sweaty August wedding days. Not only is this jumpsuit super cute, but it also has pockets, sleeves, adjustable front buttons for a more relaxed look, and a drawstring waist. A jumpsuit is something I recommend over a dress 100%. The versatility for squatting, getting on the ground, and simply moving throughout the day makes a jumpsuit a much better option than a dress. Throw on a cardigan for chillier weather, and dress up with boots or flats for a fancier look.

2. A neutral colored skirt + sweater – <$30

I have a skirt very similar to this from BOHME. They literally have the cutest clothing, and when it goes on sale you can’t beat the price! They have lots of dark neutral skirts you could pair with a brown or black sweater, kicks or dressy flats to dress up your look a little bit. Throw on a jean jacket for cooler weather and you’re all set!

3. Black or Olive colored t-shirt dresses – > $20

I actually have two t-shirt dresses from Senita that I adore, but they are out of stock online so I linked this cute dress from Old Navy! I always reccommend if you’re looking to go the most professional route to go with a dress. You just can’t beat the classy look. A black, dark gray, or neutral tones such as cream, olive or tan are the best route to go. If you have a dress with patterns on it, make sure they aren’t over the top attention grabbing. A nice flower pattern, or subtle stripes are an easy option.

As for shoes, I have a few favorites I ghly reccomend!

  1. TOMS – >$50

For someone like myself who has extremely high arches, these shoes are life savers! They aren’t the most expensive, and they aren’t the fanciest, but I swear by my Toms for long wedding days. The comfort and support is unmatched. They don’t get too hot, and they stay on your feet if you’re running from hotel room to hotel room juggling gear. I love these shoes!

2. Rothys – <$100

Disclaimer – I have not personally tried these shoes. They’ve been on my ‘to try list’ for a very long time and I still haven’t gotten around to buying a pair just yet. However, I have heard photographers rant and rave about the comfort of these shoes. Made from recycled water-bottles, they apparently stand the test of time. Machine washable and easy to clean, they can be worn in a variety of environments without getting ruined. Sand, mud, rain, rocks, they stand the test of time.

They also have a variety of styles from round toe flats, to pointed flats, sneakers and differet styles of slip ons. You’re bound to find something you like!

3. Birdies – >$100

Birdies are heralded for their ultimate comfort – and it’s true. I tried a pair of their leather loafers, and they didn’t fit me right so I returned them. Birdies aren’t for everyone. But they come in a few different styles including woven, leather and suede. They’re are super cushioned inside and are extremely comfortable. My sticking point with these was that their heels rubbed mine raw after an 8 hour wedding day. So, these were not my favorite but have been highly reviewed.

4. Me Too Flats – >$30

I also have not tried these flats, but Amy and Jordan Demos highly reccommend these! They are super cheap on Amazon for a really supportive, flexible flat! They have really good reviews, and if you’re not into investing in $100 shoes, these are the way to go!

I hope you’ve been able to find something to suit your style by this blog! The last link is an affiliate link, so if you purchase the flats through the link above I do get a little bit of commission. If you have a favorite outfit or shoes you love to wear on wedding days, comment them below so I can add them!

What to wear to a wedding – photographer style


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Lauren, Levi, and Lukas joined me for the most wonderful morning on their family farm. We had so much fun chasing chickens, driving through their back fields, and hanging out in their house with their pups. They are expecting their second little one any day now and we cannot wait for them to arrive!

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