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Ways to save money on your wedding

When planning a wedding, every couples realizes at some point just how expensive it really is. Whether you’re going all out with a large extravegant wedding, or paying for it yourselves, here are a few ways you can cut down on the cost of the day, so you can save money for the lifetime afterwards!

  1. Choose a less desirable day. As painful as it might be, choosing a Friday or a Sunday wedding can actually save you a lot of money! Especially during the most popular months for weddings — such as May, June and September — getting married on a Sunday or Friday usually results in cheaper rentals, catering and venue costs.
  2. Reduce your guest count. This can be a hard one but sometimes is necessary. Look over your guest list. If there is someone who in five years, it won’t matter if they were there or not, cut them out. Try and only invite people who truly mean something to you. Your dad’s second cousin who you saw when you were two doesn’t need to be invited.
  3. Book based on the minimum amount of guests you’ve invited. When doing something such as food or table and chair count, go with the minimum number of guests you invited. You can always upgrade but it is incredibly hard to downgrade once you’ve signed a contract.
  4. Choose a venue that offers flexibility. Some venues make you hire the vendors they have on their list in order to make money. Try and find venues that allow you to bring in your own caterer, photographer, florist, etc. As these are extra costs that could add up.
  5. Try splitting costs with other couples. This may be a unique one, but is one to consider as well. If there is a wedding the day before you or the day after you at your venue, reach out to the couple that is getting married and try to coordinate or split costs. Things such as flowers often just get thrown out after the wedding. If you can share the cost, then you can share the usage and flowers can get used a second time. This’ll save both of you money!

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