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How to cull and deliver a wedding in two weeks

Hey photographers! Editing weddings can seem like an insurmountable task. However, by using a few of these tricks, you will be editing your weddings faster than ever before!

  1. Cull your wedding photos the day after you get home from the wedding. This can be a challenge. After the whole entire wedding day, you might not want to look at the photos again, but doing it the day after is a great way to get a jump start.
  2. To get the process started, I edit one or two photos from each section of the wedding. One or two of the details, the getting ready, the ceremony, the portraits, etc. This helps me blog by Tuesdays as well!
  3. With the process of having one step edited from each section of the wedding day, this allows me to sync and match total exposures across every photo from each section. Just set a few hours aside each day, and you’ll have everything edited in no time.

Just tackle it slowly like that and in two weeks or less you’ll have all of your wedding photos edited — that fast!

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