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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Today’s travel post is actually about my favorite traveling camera bags instead of an actual place.

No matter if you’re a photographer, educator, momma, or adventurer, I love love love a good sturdy bag that can go with me anywhere. Typically I grab an old backpack or whatever is lying around in my closet, however, I’ve started investing in good bags and can’t stop! Keep reading to see some of my favorite brands.

Favorite bags


My top favorite specialized bag is actually a backpack! It’s made by Kamrette, and I recently purchased their single camera strap as well because it went on sale. Kamrette bags comes in three colors; two leather options, tan and black, and a nice gray canvas option. The tan and black are made of supple leather with sturdy hardware that doesn’t fail. On the inside, they’re nicely padded and lined to protect all of your gear. On the outside, it has plenty of pockets! But there’s one more thing about this bag that makes it my absolute favorite. Kamrette bags come with a sleeve on the back of their backpacks that slips over a suitcase handle. Perfect for airports and travel! The bag itself is very light and incredibly sturdy. I’ve taken it all over the place and it has stood up to muster!

kamrette camera bag backpack canvas gray in color grey bag

Protea Lane

My second favorite bag (that I don’t personally own) is a bag called The Traveler by Protea Lane. This bag was created by two female entrepreneurs who are photographers, mothers, and teachers. They know what a quality bag is!

The traveler is made of a faux supple leather just like Kamrette, and comes in two colors, where Kamrette comes in three. It comes in Honeypot and Midnight (tan and black). It has one main pocket that opens on top with several small pockets on the inside. The front of the bag has a little zippered area and inside has several more pockets and two secure pouches; perfect for camera lenses, or baby bottles! The bag itself is designed with nice hardware and even holds it’s shape incredibly well when empty! Unlike other bags, this bag also can be a backpack or a side sling, changing with only one strap. If you’re looking for a good bag to transition from motherhood to night out with the girls, this is the bag for you!

Also, Protea Lane is running a Kickstarter for this bag until March 20. If you want to be one of the first people to snag this bag when it releases, go pledge now and be one of the first!

protea lane best camera bag backpack tan zippers and pockets


Ona makes some incredible bags. If you’re short on cash however, this is not the option to go. They have varying bags in different sizes and styles, ranging from $100-$400 a bag. I only own one bag by Ona, and I found it on Ebay (let’s be real, that’s where I find a lot of my used camera stuff!) and I only spent $60 on it. Ona’s bags develop a beautiful patina over time, and are so soft to the touch! They’re padded nicely on the inside and are made with hardware and materials that will last forever!

Joe Totes

Jo Totes. If you’re looking for an affordable option, this is it! They makes all kinds of bags for all stages of life. Jo Totes has lots of bags at great prices. They’re perfectly affordable for someone just starting out. Jo Totes makes all kinds of bags too. Side bags, backpacks, purse bags and more. When I first started, Jo Totes was my first bag. It was perfect until I invested in more gear and needed something bigger.

Granada - Black jo totes camera bag

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore has a million bags on their website. Literally. They have bags for both men and women, which is really nice considering other brands don’t do that. They have side bags, small bags, large bags, and bags that are the size of suitcases. You have the option of full grain leather or imitation leather, as well as waxed canvas. They come in a range of colors, so you don’t have to pick just tan or black. They also make a nifty leather lens case that’s perfect for traveling when you want more than one lens at your disposal. Kelly Moore is definitely an investment like the other brands, but it’s one well worth the consideration.

Leather lens case crossbody kelly moore



If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, Amazon as two super cute bags I’d suggest. Both are backpacks, but vary in carrying capabilities and looks. The first is a simple designed bag with lots of pockets and zippers inside the top half of the backpack for laptops, tablets and cords. The backpack unzips in the middle of the bag and you have to open it to pull out the camera portion. It reminds me a little bit like a lunchbox. The padded portion pulls out and becomes a smaller handheld camera bag.


The second bag on amazon comes in multiple colors and has a lot more packing space for gear than the black camera bag. Both bags come in at under $50.


P.S. I don’t receive anything by posting these reviews! I just wanted you to find some adorable, fashionable bags that also double as camera bags. Hopefully you’ve found one you love!

P.P.S. All image credit to websites

Best Photography and Travel Bags


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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