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Why you need a second shooter!

Wedding days are HARD. They’re long, they’re exhausting, and when you don’t have a good pair of shoes your feet hurt at the end of the night! I have never actually shot a wedding by myself – I’ve always had someone with me! However, I know many good photographers who started out shooting them by themselves and they always recommend the same thing I do. HAVE A SECOND SHOOTER.

Brides, I also recommend asking for a second shooter if it’s not included in the package you are booking with your photographer! Second shooters are vital to helping the lead photographer all day long! Below, I’ve included a few things that Second Shooters should be doing for you!

    • Second shooters should be capturing a different angle than the lead photographer! The lead photographer is to guide and direct the couple, family members, bridal party, etc. into elegant poses that capture the best of everybody during the day. However, the second shooter has a little more freedom because they aren’t directing the couple or family members. They are able to capture the emotion, while the lead captures the action! They are also able to photograph things that the lead can’t photograph. The groomsmen while the Bride is getting ready, cocktail hour, the details and sometimes the reception.
    • This one is HUGE. The second shooter has a very important job during the day and it’s keeping distractions at bay! They also can carry equipment, run and get waters, get errant groomsmen, track down family members or juggle extra batteries allowing the lead photographer to just focus on loving their couple well that day.
    • The second shooter can always do a few things to help you cut down on time. If you have an editing suave second shooter, they can either A. begin uploading your favorites and editing sneak peeks while you snap some shots before the meal (or prep your day of slideshow) or B. they can upload all of their cards to your computer while you eat, saving you time later! Having all of their images right away allows the lead photographer to start culling and editing on the drive home! Saving the lead a TON of sleep for later that night!


Have any more tips on why Second shooters are the best? Comment below and I’ll add them later!

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