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How to prepare your details for your photographer

Wedding days are crazy busy and full of hype. As they should be! But there are a few things brides can have ready for their photographers that help make the day – and photos – go smoothly.

  1. Brides, have your bouquets arrive before your photographer! This is essential in making sure that your bouquet will be ready for detail photos.
  2. Have extra blooms from your bouquet set aside so that your photographer can use them in your detail photos. This is an excellent way to include a splash of color to your detail photos and also a way to tie your whole gallery together to look incredibly beautiful!
  3. Get a custom ring box made. There are a ton of companies out there and you can find many beautiful ring boxes on Amazon or Etsy, but the Mrs. Box creates some of the most stunning ring boxes around! Having a custom ring box made also creates an heirloom you can pass down for generations and a gorgeous way to keep your ring safe at night or whenever you take your rings off.
  4. Have ALL your bridal details gathered and ready before the day begins! This means collecting your invitation suite, your garter, your shoes, bouquet, special jewlery, earrings, vow books, veil, rings, etc. all in one place. This makes it easy for your photographer to capture your details quickly and efficiently the morning of your wedding.

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